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The trick, of course, is seeing your beauty as clearly as you see that of flowers.

Seeing has a lot to do with beauty. If you’ve watched Next Top Model, whether it’s set in Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, or America, one of the challenges put to aspiring models is using their eyes to create interest. When photographs are revealed, some have a vacant look, not focused on anything.

The lesson came alive for me after university when I moved from the small town where I grew up and was unrelentingly labeled “Fat,” though I was taller than nearly everyone, not heavier.

When a much heavier girl had moved in, my tormentors fell silent, apparently ruminating the difference between fat and tall. LOL.

Away from my uncomfortable home town, I found artists wanted to paint me and photographers asked permission to use my image in newspaper pieces and booklets.

I said no to the artists because from a Catholic school background I was sure it was all about getting me to take off my clothes.

I wasn’t a big newspaper reader, so I seldom saw the photographs, but when I did, I noticed that I looked interested in something.

That reminds me of friend and me sneaking into concerts in Monterey, California. Often it was easiest to get backstage. At a Jazz Festival the staging backdrop had holes in it so you could go up to one and see what was going on, onstage.

My friend either knew the conga drum player in one of the bands, or he simply came over to chat. Either way he sticks in my mind for the sense of enthusiasm he gave off when he left us to watch through one of the holes. His whole body looked focused on what he was seeing. In less than a minute a photographer asked him to move so he could use that viewpoint. Over and over the drummer’s viewpoint looked to be the most interesting and he was asked to give it up to a photographer.

Remembering him reminds me of my large candles, when I light them. The wick burns for a bit, then all of a sudden light travels through the candle, making it glow. It’s such an impressive sight that I’m tempted to buy a video camera so I can show it happening and post it here for you.

If a candle can “come alive” like that, when it’s lit, isn’t it possible that we come alive when our eyes “alight” on something?

That said, if you’re worried about not being pretty enough, or beautiful at all, start looking at beautiful things or interesting things that make you come alive, and glow from the inside out.



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