Do the clouds in the picture look like an Angel to you? They appeared that way to me on July 2, 2007, as I sat in the shady, cool corner of my garden to meditate, using the clouds in the sky to focus my mind on the vastness overhead, in contrast to the coolness of the shadows in which I sat.

Serious problems clung to me at the time, more like mud than shadows. They weighed me down and crusted over my every attempt to feel happy.

Luckily a friend of mine, Linda Van Camp, had told me about Catherine Ponder’s The Dynamic Laws of Healing, in which she talks about special angels. My favorite chapter was, and still is, “How He Dissolved Organizational Inharmony.” It says that peace and progress can be achieved in an organization by calling on the Angel of Divine Love:

I give this burden to the Angel of Divine Love. The Angel of Divine Love now comes alive in this situation, and in all persons connected with this organization. The Angel of Divine Love now reigns supreme.

One of the ongoing “muddy” problems that gripped me, almost like quicksand, was IRS related. Up until I saw the angel in the sky I had been sinking, fearfully.

Angel of Divine LoveThis is despite the fact that in 1999 I carved little Angels of Divine Love out of wax and had them cast in sterling silver to use in Christmas cards. I even made the envelopes, using craft paper featuring bright yellow suns of various sizes.

The thick, dark blue, handmade paper of the cards had started out a creamy white. I dyed it blue so that the silver magic marker I used, and the little confetti stars and heart would show up as if against a night sky. I loved the idea of the night like sky emerging from the sun bright envelope.

I used a small watercolor brush to paint rectangles onto translucent, onion skin paper so that I could tear it to make inserts with edges that matched those of the cards. On the inserts I typed or wrote ~ I forget which and I’m not sure where to find an example ~ my thoughts about the Angel of Divine Love, and… change.

Camden Passage 47p
No camera back then. This is a recreation on a photo of the building.

I had in mind graffiti I’d seen written on The Mall, a building just before Camden Passage. This is a long time earlier when I lived in London. The scrawled graffiti said:

Change is not 47p

The English Pound, which is similar to our Dollar, but worth about twice as much, is made up of 100 pence, or “p”.

On the onion skin paper inside my cards I suggested carrying the little angel in your coin purse so that when you were looking for “change” you’d see it and be reminded of the more significant change you might have on your mind.

Then, behind the insert, was the little sterling Angel of Divine Love that I’d glued inside.

Angel card insideMostly the postal machines mangled the cards, which was a shame since each one had taken so much time to make and if it had not been mangled would have arrived as lovely as it left my hands.

However, the power of the Angel of Divine Love may not have been mangled. You see, I received a letter dated December 12, 2003, from Peter Sepp, Media Director of  the National Taxpayers Union in which Peter replied to a letter I’d written to him,

“I can’t disagree with what you wrote about the IRS continuing to cause stress in many peoples’ lives. I must admit too that I am concerned that some of the gains we made against the IRS’s unchecked power in the late 1990s are under threat of reversal.”

IRS Stress ~ Read more.

National Taxpayers Union ~ Read More.

In any case, upon seeing the Angel cloud I went from petrified of the IRS and the danger it posed, to a thought limber with the potential associated with the Angle of Divine Love, “IRS must be the MOST inharmonious organization, ever.” And with that I began calling on the Angel of Divine Love, all the while wondering if there would be positive results.

And, there were positive results, though it took me pretty long to realize that they existed. (That’s another story.)

Angel gifAs an aside, after I did my original page about the Angel of Divine Love and the “angel” I saw in the sky, I sent out emails with a link to the page. One response I received said they didn’t see an angel. So, I added an image to show, more or less, what I was seeing. In the image the angel is holding a slender horn. In the angel clouds, I see her holding a bowl which I imagine to hold some sort of offering, and her head is tilted upwards more.

Prior to the Angel Clouds

Angel_of_Divine_Love_in_the_Garden3I was using this necklace sent to me by my cousin Marcie to focus my mind on the Angel of Divine Love while I sat in the cool, shady, quiet corner of my garden. But, on March 27, 2007, a neighbor climbed up a ladder, reached over the fence of my next door neighbor’s yard and cut down the tree boughs that provided the cool shade and quiet. It made me so sad, and it killed some of my shade loving plants that weren’t able to quickly adapt to sunshine pouring in.

I so missed my shady corner.

Then, on July 2, 2007, the clouds looked just like an angel to me, so I took several pictures.

I’m not sure whether the universe gave me an Angel in the sky to make up for the loss of my shady corner where I’d gone to focus on the Angel of Divine Love, or if my mind formed the connection. Either way, Happiness!!!

blue jay on tea cupScale7/27/2014 ~ After I did my page, The Art of Asking, which pictures how fear has affected my decisions in the past and pits that against my present life in which Wells Fargo may be like a Death Watch Beetle about to destroy my home ~ take it from me in the most insidious way ~ I posted my page on Facebook, asking for suggestions, “What should I do?”

My friend Uta replied that I should send love to Wells Fargo.

WHAT? Really? hadn’t she read my page? Couldn’t she see that I felt terrified of Wells Fargo because Wells Fargo uses fraud and I have no idea how to combat that when courts tend to support big banks, no matter what.

The Art of Asking ~ Read more.

I told Uta how I felt, thinking that would be the end of it, but I found that I kept thinking about her suggestion.

It took me a day or more, but eventually I remembered the Angel of Divine Love.

I might not be able to genuinely feel love for Wells Fargo, in such a way that I can “send love to Wells Fargo,” but I can call on the Angel of Divine Love.

I give this burden to the Angel of Divine Love.

The Angel of Divine Love now comes alive in this situation with Wells Fargo and my home,

and in all persons connected with Wells Fargo.

The Angel of Divine Love now reigns supreme.

angel_of_divine_love0037/28/2014 ~ I still carry my Angel of Divine Love in my purse to remind me that Change is not coins.

Call on the Angel of Divine Love ~~ see how this works for you.

If you’re facing a lot of stress, focusing on the Angel of Divine Love and giving your stressful burden to the Angel might help. Stress Can Break You ~ Read more.


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