Angel of the Universe ~ The Collective Conscious pulses with Good
Angel of the Universe ~ Collective Conscious pulses with Good. A diamond cross stitch painting

The Collective Conscious pulses with Good. Good is the heart of it.

I have been thinking about how my grandfather’s prominence at the time I was conceived and born has influenced my life. Because of my paternal grandfather’s national visibility my maternal grandparents treated me as if I was special. I had no idea at the time, however. It was just life as I knew it.

Then, I went to school where no one knew I had a relatively well known grandfather, so my life changed dramatically. In school I was too tall and poor. I was constantly bullied, though the concept had not been identified at the time.

When I left Stevens Point I found that my reality was not one of being bullied. When I hitchhiked, which I did for several thousand miles, I found that I was treated much as my maternal grandparents had treated me. At the time it was just life.

Now when I think about it, I think that there was an aspect of collective conscious to the way my maternal grandparents treated me. There was an embodiment of my grandfather being on the radio, arguing with the Secretary of Agriculture, who later became the head of the Mormon Church.

By Collective Conscious, I mean all the thought processes that were affected by what the radio waves carried. I don’t mean some scientific radio wave power, I mean that people could hear what my grandfather was thinking because he spoke it clearly on the radio, and whether they agreed with him or not, his thinking entered their minds.

Insofar as I carried an embodiment of his thoughts that had taken him to prominence, I had a kind of shield protecting me. For one thing, I believed I was safe.

At the time I was very idealistic. It may have come from thinking that everyone was basically like me and that everyone believed in good as the most important thing.

As I think back, I think that when I hitchhiked and had rides from highly diverse people, from Campbell Soup salesmen to men just out of prison for some degree of murder, they each identified with some aspect of my idealism, and that was what protected me.

I have a feeling that my prominent grandfather was, in some way, the link between my physical reality, say… DNA, and my idealism, which was not unlike his view of farming for food.

I think that children who are treated as if they are inherently good, without reference to any family member, have the same shield I enjoyed. The reason for that would be that the Collective Conscious pulses with Good. Good is the heart of it.

What came through when my grandfather spoke on the radio was the good he was advancing.

Our Collective Conscious is powerful. It is Good. It is our way to bring Thriving wages to people not just in the United States, but around the world.

The Angel of Divine Love Is Our Collective Conscious

Call on the Angel of Divine Love (our Collective Conscious):

I give Amazon to our Collective Conscious.

I call on the Angel of Divine Love to enter the Amazon organization.

The Angel of Divine Love now comes alive in every person connected to Amazon.

Divine Love now Reigns Supreme.

I like Amazon

I like Amazon. Prior to being able to buy my groceries from Amazon’s Prime Pantry I had to spend $15 to $30 just to hire someone to go to the store for me.

Then, the person would come back with half the things I wanted.

I really like that Amazon is helping to save our Post Office. I used to pay more to have things delivered by USPS from different online companies. Even though the USPS cost of shipping was lower, and delivery was MUCH faster, I had to pay more to use USPS.

In the case of USPS, you might say we are in a fight with Amazon to save our Post Office.

I understand that wealth inequality is a buzzword pitting super rich individuals against hard working people who can’t support their own life, much less a family on their wages.

I’ve been an advocate of a living wage for AGES. Recently a woman from USPS told me that because Santa Fe has a $15/hr minimum wage, people from Albuquerque, about 60 miles away, come here for jobs, but then hate the commute and call in sick all the time.

What we really need is a universal Thriving Wage. Basically, we need about $36/hr in order to live lives in which we and our families thrive, not just scrape by.

As divided as our country is by political bullies, as people we can appreciate that for things to be good, really good, the Good needs to be as widespread as the reach of Amazon.

We can fight Amazon by boycotting, or more productively, our Collective Conscious can augment the good in Amazon, leading to well paid, happy Amazon workers.