10/13/2018 ~ I give foreclosures to the Angel of Divine Love. I call on the Angel of Healing to restore health to homeowners hurt by foreclosure fraud. But, just as important, I call on the Angel of healing to restore health to our courts, to out system of justice that has too long been used as a vehicle for fraudulent foreclosures.

The Angel of Divine Love and the Angel of Healing are aspects of our Collective Conscious. When many minds hold a single thought it is powerful. Our Collective Conscious, though unseen, paves the way for positive change.

People who have been in foreclosure know how badly it harms health. A foreclosure on its own is stressful with the stress damaging health, but when the foreclosure plaintiff is allowed to break laws in the process of taking a family home, a veteran’s home, the home of an elderly couple, etc. it is that much worse for those homeowners. Seeing corrupt power used to destroy private property rights is literally sickening. It goes against what the United States is supposed to stand for.

Foreclosure plaintiffs talk about the debt owed by the defendant homeowner as if that debt somehow excuses the lender from following any laws.

Whether this is an aspect of Capitalism reaching an extreme of misapplication or a ploy to appeal to the minds of people who have always paid their mortgages, having been lucky to keep their jobs and their health, so as to be able to do that very thing. Not everyone is so lucky.

At this point we need healing, not just of the victims, but of the court system itself. The court system has too often enabled lenders to use fraud, and to break laws, in their rampant taking of American homes. As awareness of this grows, power will shift toward justice… and healing will follow.

Art Credit: The Angel of Healing is a sculpture by Susan Lordi, done in 1999.