Angel Sokolova Nadya 337Was your mortgage securitized?

2.9 Million properties in the United States received mortgage foreclosure filings in 2010, reported RealtyTrac.

The “mort” portion of the word mortgage comes from Latin for “death” (as in “mortician,” “morgue,” “mortal,” etc.) because on the payment of the promissory note debt, the mortgage lien dies.

But, that may not be the only death blow. if your mortgage was securitized for Wall St. trading, as millions of mortgages were, then it is likely your lender has lost your original note and will not be able to produce it, pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), in order to foreclose.

To activate this powerful protection of your property, you will need to do Discovery and ask your lender to produce the Original Note.

Foreclosures, Notes and the UCC ~ Read more.

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The Angel of Divine Love Is Our Collective Conscious

I give foreclosures to the Angel of Divine Love.

I call on the Angel of Divine Love to enter the Wells Fargo organization.

The Angel of Divine Love now enters each person connected to Wells Fargo.

Divine Love now Reigns Supreme.

Suicide and Foreclosure

Changing consciousness re foreclosures is vital.

Banks, to include Wells Fargo and Bank of America, should not feel comfortable denying homeowners due process and using fraud to foreclose.

The suicide rate among Americans in foreclosure has gone up 253%. Is that increase a result of bank fraud and deprivation of due process? If so, raising awareness re foreclosures will lower the suicide rate.

I say this as someone who tried to kill myself when my condo was foreclosed years ago. The worse part of the  foreclosure was the injustice and corruption that I couldn’t do anything about. Not that I didn’t try.

That foreclosure resulted from IRS enforcing for a year I’d paid. IRS levied all my money, not leaving enough to buy an apple or a tortilla, despite the fact I repeatedly sent IRS proof that I had paid.

Erroneous 1991 Levy for 1984 Taxes ~ Read more.

Homeowners in foreclosure are similarly up against injustice and corruption meted out by an adversary far more powerful than them. How so? In most cases the bank has monetized the mortgage note for use in trading, swapping, and derivative profits, which ran into the Billions and more than covered the value of each mortgage.

The notes themselves were cumbersome, so banks didn’t keep track of them, or perhaps banks destroyed them to save storage costs. In any case, the UCC requires the original note in a foreclosure action.

But how many homeowners are aware of this crucial UCC requirement? And how many courts sua sponte (of it’s own accord, spontaneously) enforced it when the foreclosing bank carefully omits reference to the original note in its foreclosure complaint.

Original Note Needed ~ Read more.

How can banks be so powerful that they can ignore the UCC? Think of how Eric Holder, head of the United States Department of Justice, was formerly a Wells Fargo/Big Bank lawyer. Think of how Wells Fargo and the Big Banks have not been prosecuted with anything like a sincere effort to do justice.

Being in an unjust situation, and powerless, is extremely stressful. Not only does that kind of stress shorten telomeres at the ends of your nerves, it actually shortens your life, and that’s without suicide.

Experts say that suicides among homeowners in foreclosure are a result of feeling shame, hopelessness, and self blame. But, shouldn’t homeowners be blaming banks for fraud and in many cases deprivation of due process?

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The more helpless you feel, the more you condemn yourself for being unable to do anything, the more you hurt your nerves and let the bank take not only your home, but your health and years of your life.

Looking at foreclosure suicides from this perspective you can see the suicides are not without avoidable causes.

Augmenting these causes are the news and people who are influenced by the news which blames homeowners exclusively for foreclosure, paying no attention to bank dishonesty, fraud, and denial of Due Process to which homeowners have a right.

Understanding Due Process ~ Read more.

Calling on The Angel of Divine Love does two things: first, it focuses on something good rather than a horrible, hopeless situation, and second, it counteracts the false impression given by the news, with the result that in actual fact homeowners are less alone and therefore less likely to feel totally hopeless.

That said, say the Angel of Divine Love affirmations a few times, periodically throughout the day.

If you are in foreclosure, as I am, it helps, and if you are not in foreclosure and are the kind of person who values life, you will be changing consciousness in a way that helps homeowners survive and encourages banks to modify loans and not deprive people of due process.

Suicide and Foreclosure ~ Read more.

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My Story and Helpful Links

Wells Fargo is once again trying to foreclose my home. This scares me because when Wells Fargo began this foreclosure it did not serve me. I was lucky that I found the foreclosure when I went to Case Lookup to find some dates relating to the foreclosure of my condo, which was done without a hearing although I had answered.

Serving a party to a lawsuit is basic due process. It is a Constitutional right, from the 5th Amendment to The United States Constitution. The 5th Amendment is a part of our Bill of Rights.

Understanding Due Process ~ Read more.

It is also basic due process to have a hearing if someone answers a complaint, but if a court decides not to do that, there’s very little that can be done, especially when only the damaged party objects.

Throughout the United States, Wells Fargo and Bank of America use fraud, dishonesty and the denial of the basic constitutional right to due process to make American families being homeless and gain control of their property.

The second reason Wells Fargo scares me is that sometime after I discovered the foreclosure it came about that the HAMP, Home Affordable Modification Program, was introduced. I immediately applied. In time Wells Fargo qualified me and sent me an offer to have a trial period. I accepted the offer and sent in my payment on time and in full. This was supposed to ensure my loan modification becoming permanent. But, Wells Fargo went back on its word and began trying harder than ever to foreclose my home.

Loan Modification Problems ~ Read more.

Hamp Letters ~ Read more.

Wells Fargo’s fraud, deceit and dishonesty scares me. It is very stressful to have a bank you trusted be so dishonest. Stress is very bad for nerves and for health, and I already have a lot more pain than I did just a month ago.

I will keep fighting the foreclosure of my home because I love my garden. I can’t go out places because I can’t walk very well, so my garden is the love of my life at this point. I love the bees, the wasps, the praying mantis, the lizard, ants, flowers, veggies I have in my meals every day, especially during the summer.

I am sure that Wells Fargo would change and be good, rather than bad, if there were enough people holding that thought. So, I’m calling on the Angel of Divine Love to spread awareness and bring Divine Love to Wells Fargo.

Call on the Angel of Divine Love to help all Americans who are up against the huge power of banks that have for all too long gotten away with fraud and dishonesty. And, please will you share this page?

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2 thoughts on “Angel Day 71-73”

  1. We were foreclosed when my husband lost his job. My part-time income fed us & paid utilities, & he eventually qualified for unemployment, too late to save the house.
    Several years later we received a settlement (apx $350) for the mishandled forclosure.
    I have been diagnosed as severely clinically depressed, can no longer hold a job and had to accept SS at 65 to make ends meet. My husband, also retired, has high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.
    We were saved from homelessness because in 1990 we bought a small sailboat, where we now live. Life in 150 sq ft is one step up from camping, but we are not homeless and the boat is paid in full.
    Your efforts to fight foreclosure are important to me and to thousands who aren’t aware of your battle. I lost that fight; I will support you.

  2. Hi Scottie,

    I see your help raising foreclosure awareness on Twitter, and I’m So Grateful. There are over 15 million of us who were foreclosed by banks that caused the collapse of the economy. The news blames us, failing to mention criminal bank behavior, fraud, etc. Banks put people out of work, then took their homes. It is just so phenomenally irritating to me.

    Yes, the “settlement”. What a farce. Bank lawyers apparently got $10,000 each. I got $500, you $350. It’s shocking.

    I understand the depression. When Wells Fargo started up again a few months ago it hit my nerves, making it almost impossible to walk, due to the pain.

    Doing the foreclosure awareness pages, and the contributions you make and others like us, have really helped. The pain has diminished significantly.

    Do you use Methylcobalamin lozenges? They help with depression, but the results are not as quick as memory improvement. I had memory return months before I felt a reduction in depression.

    I have a lot about Methylcobalamin (the form of vitamin B12 our bodies use) on this page:

    I wonder if you did a site on your new life, if enough people would visit to earn a bit from Google AdSense ads. Some days I earn only 87 cents, but after a couple months I get to $100 and then they send the money. The thing is, improving the number of visitors. I have 600 +/- visitors a day to my B12 site, very few to my foreclosure awareness pages. Almost none to my much neglected gardening pages.

    If you aren’t using B12, look into it. It can make a HUGE difference in how you feel. Not just for me, I have a page of research showing how effective it is. 🙂

    Thank you, SO much, Scottie, for writing and helping.

    Karen Kline

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