Conscious of Bank Fraud/Dishonesty

Russian Orthodox Angel 100Day 1 ~ Collective Conscious imaged in Angels

Day 2 ~ Grow consciousness. 

Day 3 ~ Consciousness helps against bank greed.

Day 4 ~ Banks have too long gotten away with fraud and dishonesty

Day 5 ~ Help grow consciousness.


Fra Angelico Angel 100Day 6 ~ Mental word of mouth.

Day 7 ~ An affirmation test.

Day 8 ~ An affirming miracle.

Day 9 ~ Surprise results of affirming.

Overcoming Separateness

Angel Byzantine 100Day 10 ~ What rings true, connects.

Day 11 ~ The range of thoughts.

Day 12 ~Twitter has results

Foreclosure Injustice

Angel Day 16 100Day 13-15 ~ Stress of injustice shortens telomeres and lives

Day 16 ~ Court helping bank?

Day 17 ~ New laws vs Constitution.

Views of Angels

Persian Angel Text 100Day 18 ~ Are Angels real?

Day 19 ~ Definition of Angels

Day 20 ~ In Baha’i angels are the fire of the love.

Day 21 ~ Angels in Zoroastrianism.

Day 22 ~ Angels in Judaism

Day 23 ~ Seeing an angel is irrelevant.

Day 24 ~ Hebrew word for angel is “malach”

About Foreclosures

Angel with hearts 100Day 25 ~ 8.2 million foreclosures


Bank Friendly DOJ

Angel Heaven 100Day 26 ~ DOJ slammed for not prosecuting mortgage fraud

Day 27 ~ Why not indict U.S. banks for mortgage fraud?

Day 28 ~ DOJ significantly favors Wells Fargo in settlement

People in Foreclosure

Angel Child 100Day 29 ~ Late 08 to Jan. 2014, 13m Americans had their homes taken

Day 30 ~ Childhood foreclosed

Day 31 ~ 8 million children had their homes taken

Day 32 ~ Health foreclosed

Day 33 ~ By 2011, 1.5 million people over age 50 had homes taken

Day 74-76 ~ 40% of foreclosure evicted families were renters.

HOPE in Foreclosure

Angel Contemporary 100Day 34 ~ Request production of Original Note

Day 35 ~ To be Clear ~ The Angel of Divine Love is Us

Day 36 ~ Being is One

Day 37 ~ Power of thought can control computer games

Day 38 ~ Surprising things happen

Day 39 ~ Fill your mind with Awareness, not war

Day 40 ~The Choice: To break free of illusion

Day 41 ~ Perchance to dream

Collective Conscious

Angel Glow 100Day 42 ~ Shared beliefs and ideas are a unifying force

Day 43 ~ Ideas travel: Birds made a discovery, and it traveled

Day 44 ~ Study shows connection between mind and matter

Day 45 ~ Ordinary people shift “random” numbers

Day 46 ~ Underlying probabilities respond to mental intentions

Days 47-48 ~ War industry wins increased profits

Homeowners Steamrolled

Angel Marina 100Day 49 ~ Private property rights stripped away

Day 50 ~ Judge refused to listen to valid defense

DOJ Dereliction of Duty

Angel w Instrument 100Day 51 ~ Holder got former clients off with slap-on-the-wrist

Day 52 ~ Holder/DOJ Dereliction of Duty

Day 53-54 ~ More Foreclosures

Day 55-57 ~ Courtrooms are active crime scenes

Day 58 ~Holder takes $77m plus bonuses JPMorgan Chase job

Day 59 ~  Independent Foreclosure Review helped banks, hurt homeowners

Show Me the Documents

Angel Solar Energy 100Day 60-63 ~ 84% of sampled foreclosures show bank fraud

Day 64-66 ~ Properly-negotiated original note required

Day 68-70 ~ UCC Article 3 requires production of original note

Day 71-73 ~ Lenders lost notes when they securitized mortgages

New Foreclosure Nightmare

Angel Moon 100

Day 67 ~ Debt collectors chase foreclosed homeowners


Foreclosure Losses vs Settlement

Screen Angel 100

Day 77-80 ~ Wells Fargo gets a Sweet Settlement


Foreclosure Disparity among Students

Teresa Kogut Angel Love 100

Day 81-83 ~ disproportionate number of black students in foreclosed homes

Foreclosed Hospitals

Wounded Angel 100

Day 84-86 ~100 more foreclosures in a zip code equals 30% more attempted suicides, and hospitals are being foreclosed

Love and Justice

Day 87-92With Scales of Justice Angel 100 ~ Eric Holder, as partner at Covington & Burling had Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc. among his clients, giving us the illusion of justice because he had a selfish connection to banks. Settlements he orchestrated were grossly unfair to homeowners in direct proportion to being easy on banks.

Justice is Love

Justice Angel by Stella63 100Day 93-99 ~It is not enough for us to talk about love, love is one of the pivotal points of the Christian faith. There is another side called justice. Justice is love correcting that which revolts against love. Martin Luther King


Scales Angel 100Day 100-106 ~ Fannie Mae hounds Americans to repay in full foreclosed mortgages where auction prices left deficits. In contrast, HSBC submitted inflated foreclosure fees to Fannie Mae, FHA and HUD and gets off with a sweetheart deal. Thanks, Loretta Lynch.

Working vs Creating Money

Working Angel 100Day 107-113 ~ The Federal Reserve’s Modern Money Mechanics spells out how money is created. Basically, the U.S. Government exchanges bonds with the Fed for money. The bonds are simply “created”. They reflect debt in that the government promises to pay. So money is founded on debt.

Fraudulent Bankers

Arashtat Angel 100Day 114-116 ~ Executives at the banks and lending institutions deliberately created a system to make fraudulent loans as a recipe for personal enrichment. Their very business models depended on making fraudulent loans–executives were determined to make their companies grow fast, to collect lavish compensation, and sell off the problem loans in the secondary market so they would be someone else’s problem when they blew up.

Foreclosure PTSD

Enslaved Angel by Spiral 100Day 117-123~ I keep reliving the foreclosure of my condo. When I lived there I took cold showers after my hot water heater broke. I couldn’t afford my mortgage and a new heater. As soon as I had money I completed remediation of the outdoor toilet pit that had been under my condo, without being disclosed, and I bought a new water heater. My condo looked great. I got an offer that made the $15,000 in improvements worthwhile. But, I was told my condo had been foreclosed and auctioned.

Lost vs Taken

Angel Alga Washington 100Day 124-132 ~ To say Americans “lost’ their homes implies it was their fault. When someone is mugged and has wallet and watch taken, we don’t say the victim’s wallet and watch were lost. Americans who had their homes taken by banks using fraud, deceit, dishonesty and deprivation of due process did not “lose” their homes. They had their homes Taken.

Unconscionable Capitalism

roxrio justice angel 100Day 133-  ~ In researching “Robo-witness” I’m forced to confront this question: When banks take the homes of 18 million Americans in courts prejudiced in favor of banks, how is Capitalism serving people? You may ask why I say courts are prejudiced in favor of banks. Or, you may have had your home taken and know exactly what I mean.












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