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Is the Angel of Divine Love real?

You know how Santa is really a dad, a granddad, an uncle? I think the Angel of Divine Love is exactly that real.

There are all different illustrations of angels. and I would guess no angel “sat” for any of the art. None of the illustrations are portraits,. and we all pretty much “get” that. Yet for some reason a few people who come to this series of pages come away thinking that they can’t contribute any thoughts because angels don’t exist.

I had an angel experience once. I’d fallen down some of the stairs as I went out. I had to get things hallmarked, but I was coughing so badly and I was so tired. Nevertheless I had to go, I had to have silver bangles to sell so I could buy food for my little son.

On the bus taking me to Gutter Lane, where the hallmarking office in London is located, a thin man with sparse white hair came over to me and said, “You’re going to be all right.” I saw him as an ordinary man, who was an angel. I remember him to this day, that exact same way.



So, when I ask you to call on The Angel of Divine Love, I’m asking you to call on that part of yourself and to know that you can join that part of yourself with that part of others in a powerful way, a real way.

This is different than devising a plan, lobbying for new laws, writing to Wells Fargo, trying to get Holder to use the DOJ to get Wells Fargo and the other Big Banks to stop using fraud to take homes. This is infinitely more powerful than any of those things, it’s unlimited and it can take whatever form will be most effective. Being a part of the whole of this doesn’t require you to believe, all you have to do is put your mind into doing your part.

It’s like a seed, seeds don’t believe in order to sprout and grow.

We don’t feel like seeds when we’re working long hours for little pay, or frantically trying to save our homes. The less we are made to feel like seeds, the more easily we can be controlled.

Calling on the Angel of Divine Love, is a germinating kind of thing to do.

Call on the Angel of Divine Love (our Collective Conscious):

I give foreclosures to the Angel of Divine Love.

I call on the Angel of Divine Love to enter the Wells Fargo organization.

The Angel of Divine Love now comes alive in every person connected to Wells Fargo.

Divine Love now Reigns Supreme.

And, will you share this page?


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The back story and useful links ~

Wells Fargo is once again trying to foreclose my home. This scares me because Wells Fargo began this foreclosure without serving me. I was lucky to find it when I went to Case Lookup for dates relating to the foreclosure of my condo, which was done without a hearing although I had answered.

Serving a party to a lawsuit is basic due process. It is a Constitutional right from the 5th Amendment to The United States Constitution. The 5th Amendment is a part of our Bill of Rights.

Understanding Due Process ~ Read more.

It is also basic due process to have a hearing if a defendant answers a complaint. If a court decides not to have a hearing the plaintiff rejoices that the defendant must accept the unjust loss that results.

Throughout the United States, Wells Fargo and Bank of America use fraud, dishonesty and the denial of the basic constitutional right to due process to make American families homeless and gain control of their property.

Sometime after I discovered the foreclosure, the HAMP - Home Affordable Modification Program – was introduced. I immediately applied. In time Wells Fargo qualified me and sent me an offer for a trial period. I accepted and sent in my payments on time and in full. This was supposed to ensure my loan modification becoming permanent. But, Wells Fargo went back on its word and began trying harder than ever to foreclose.

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Wells Fargo’s fraud, deceit and dishonesty scare me. It’s distressing to have the bank I trusted be dishonest. Stress is bad for nerves and health, and I already have a lot more pain.

I am still in my home, years after Wells Fargo filed for Foreclosure because I did discovery and requested that Wells Fargo produce the Original Note, as per UCC requirements.

Original Note Needed ~ Read more.

I will keep fighting the foreclosure of my home because I love my garden. I can’t go places because I can’t walk very well, so my garden is the love of my life. I love the bees, wasps, praying mantis, lizard, ants, flowers, and veggies. I have the veggies in my meals every day, especially during the summer.

I am sure that Wells Fargo would change and be good, rather than bad, if there were enough people holding that thought. So, I’m calling on the Angel of Divine Love to spread awareness and bring Divine Love to Wells Fargo.

Please help raise awareness of foreclosures to help all Americans who are up against powerful banks that get away with fraud and dishonesty.

Image Credits ~ Indian Angel by SchererArt




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